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ITC designs, builds and presents focused software and service solutions that light the path to success, leadership and growth while meeting your budgetary and operational requirements.

ITC's Management Process includes: Early Warning, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery FBI InfraGard Los Angeles Above and Beyond Award - Terri Pond - In recognition for your volunteerism to develop progams that benefit InfraGard - 2016 and Women's Business Enterprise National Council Certification #2005109427

About Us

ITC is a leading provider of daily decision support and resiliency solutions for the business, government and local community sectors. We specialized in building customized solutions that meet our client’s requirements for information management and decision support. ITC is committed to provide the greatest benefit at the most reasonable cost to our customers.

Offerings and Capabilities

ITC proudly presents a revolutionary innovation in adaptive decision support systems.

Intelligent Decision Making with Confidence, Clarity and Control

  • DecisionViewer uses state of the art mapping, security and data extraction solutions to decrease costly staff, software and hardware expenses.
  • Developed by business and government professionals to significantly increase productivity and address the challenge of managing various information sources and components in a logical, flexible, and easy-to-use format.
  • DecisionViewer illuminates the path to awareness, self-assurance and successful outcomes.
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ITC Services

ITC delivers a complete suite of customizable services to meet your specific needs, timeframes and budget requirements.

  • Business Continuity Planning, Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, Incident Management Operations
  • Site and Operational Vulnerability and Capability Assessments
  • Training, Exercises, Evaluations, Maintenance
  • Dedicated on-site 24/7 Response and Recovery specialists focused on protecting assets, minimizing loss and accelerating recovery during difficult times.

ITC understands and addresses social, economic, cultural and environmental issues.

Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Process

Ongoing Change Management Process

Our Sample Application Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives

Ongoing Change Management Process

ITC:  Project Methodology

Data Gathering

Image depicts staff meeting
  • Questionaires
  • Workshops
  • Interviews


Image depicts analyitical work being done on a chart
  • Critical Business Functions
  • Dependencies, Costs
  • Tolerable Disruption


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  • Strategy, Recommendations
  • Benefits, Financials
  • Summary Presentation

Noteable Events

ITC is proud to have many years of first-hand field experience in responding to crisis events worldwide.

San Bernadino Attack

Responding to a request from the FBI and in partnership with the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation, ITC worked on-site to feed first responders and FBI investigators over a period of two weeks. ITC also provided situational awareness data for FBI InfraGard members.

Pakistan 6.4 Earthquake

ITC Crisis Team members responded on-site supporting the delivery of supply logistics and family reunification software while interfacing with government and military leaders. ITC also deployed its team of psychological trauma doctors to address mental health cultural and social issues.

Hurricane Katrina

ITC supported numerous clients including the State of Louisiana, LSU (26 campus locations) and commercial businesses. ITC wrote and coordinated FEMA grant requests totaling over $50M. ITC assisted in the compiling of data from 52 displaced person’s websites and worked to recover a major manufacturing operation in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

ITC responded on-site to India, Indonesian, Sri Lanka and Thailand. ITC supported the development of new open source software to identify and locate displaced families. ITC trauma doctors worked with the National Child Protection Authority to develop mental health and child protection programs for those working in the disaster area.

9/11 NYC

ITC supported the EOC operations setup in Pier 92. ITC helped to develop code to handle fatality tracking along with the receipt, storage, and distribution of equipment for first responders. ITC provided resources which supported the City of New York in the operation of their family assistance center.

Oklahoma City Bombing

ITC assisted with the relocation of occupants from the Alfred P. Murrah building along with local businesses that suffered significant damage. ITC also worked on the rapid restoration of the Federal Court House building.

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